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Sticking to your word and the benefits of doing so.

As I was leaving to go out for my morning jog, I asked my middle son who was still in bed to be up when I got back (in about 45 mins) so we could wash his bedding. I also wanted him to get up and take his plate and cup downstairs from the night […]


Happy New Year – Happy New Day :-)

Happy New Year – Let’s make it a great one, the one where we achieve all we want on our parenting journey, to have the happy family, to really connect and communicate with our kids in a positive and effective way and to feel confident in what we’re doing, knowing we are getting it right […]


Not a “mummy” for long …..

Monday Morning Mum Musings   You won’t be a ‘Mummy’ for long! … Once a mother, always a mother, no matter what happens. Whether your children are two years old, twenty, sixty or older they are and always will be your children. (and for mothers who have sadly lost children either during or after pregnancy, […]


Forgiving and Forgetting

   Look carefully at those words … Forgiving and Forgetting, now put a space after For and before ‘giving’ and ‘getting’ and you’ll see what your children often think parents are  for … giving and getting! 🙂   I often say look at the word PARENTING too and separate the PA from the RENTING and that […]


Encouragement and Enthusiasm

Encourage your children always. When they’re little, as they get older and as they are teenagers, in whatever they’re doing, help them to identify what they really want to do and when you nurture a supportive, encouraging environment there’s more chance they’ll believe they can achieve whatever it is they want to.


Mothering – a cross between Mithering and a Bothering!

It’s half term and as I was out walking today, I went through the park where several parents (mainly mums, or females) were with their children. Then I visited a local cafe with plenty more mums and children. What I heard a lot of the time from the adults, was “Don’t”, there were lots of don’t do this or don’t do that.


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