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Encouragement and Enthusiasm

Encourage your children always. When they’re little, as they get older and as they are teenagers, in whatever they’re doing, help them to identify what they really want to do and when you nurture a supportive, encouraging environment there’s more chance they’ll believe they can achieve whatever it is they want to.


D – Dreams

Encourage them to have some. Not the kind that we have when we’re asleep, the ones we have in waking hours, Big dreams, hopes, aspirations, goals whatever you want to call them. When we get clear about what we want, get focused, think about it, make plans for it, spend time imagining it, we are […]


C – Confidence

Confidence building is crucial Encouraging self- confidence and self -belief will help them achieve what they want to. Not an arrogance or big headed attitude at all, just a way of letting them know you believe in them and that they have all the resources inside that will help them do what they want to. […]


B – Believe in them

There can be a lot of negativity around our children. We are living in a world where there is a lot of bad news and they are exposed to it a lot of the time. Newspapers, news programmes, even listening to the majority of people’s conservations, focusing on the negative and what’s wrong in the […]


A – Acceptance

You have already ‘accepted’ them into your life, by having them. When you accepted that tiny bundle of joy into your life, you were also accepting all that he or she would bring with it, you just couldn’t know than what that would be! I don’t mean accept anything they do as alright, there has […]


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