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Practising what I preach!

What a great opportunity my youngest son gave me last night! An opportunity to practice what I preach! Let me explain….. Eden, my youngest who is home from uni for the long Summer holiday break had two friends coming for something to eat and stay over. He had chosen lasagne, garlic bread and salad. They were out all day, enjoying themselves and I was at home dutifully and lovingly preparing an extra special large homemade lasagne. As it got closer to tea time, I text Eden to find out what time they wanted to eat. “Much later” was his response “I’ll let you know” When it got to about half past seven and I hadn’t heard from him, I text again saying “Give me about half an hour before you want to eat so I can put the lasagne in to cook :)” “Oh sorry, we’ve already eaten now, were starving so got pizza :)” came the response ….!


Adventures in Motherhood

‘Adventures in Motherhood’, could as easily be ‘Adventures in outer space’,  it often feels like that!  Floating around in the unknown, not sure what to do, what to expect! Custodian of another person’s life that lands with no manual! Yikes. My ‘Motherhood’ has most certainly been an adventure. Not one I expected, would have chosen […]


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