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This is the way forward with ‘education’ our old ways are no longer serving us (if they ever did really!) watch this fantastic young man, Yay, Go Logan … Run … :o)



Change our Minds and Change our Language

I was listening to a Radio 4 programme this morning about a great educational charity called Iris who teach children Latin! They do more than that they teach about the ancient worlds and culture and it sounded brilliant. They teach in schools all over England and get great results and enthusiasm from the children involved. […]


A Dozen Do’s to help you cope with parenting (OK a baker’s dozen :o)

Relax, calm down, be grounded and connect with yourself. Remember you are a human ‘being’ not a human ‘doing’ :o) Remember to breathe. Deep relaxing breaths. Breathe in deeply and allow relaxation to flow through the body as you breathe out. Be in expanded awareness (peripheral vision) Find a spot on the wall just above […]


The best present you can give your teens is Be it!

Suddenly, a loud bang, the car started to feel weird, the steering wheel, shuddering, I was not in control and being in the outside lane hit the barrier. I struggled to straighten up and steer the car across the other three lanes to the hard shoulder. It brought me to a much higher level of alertness and I had to dig deep to find some resolve to get that car and us to safety. It was a scary experience, I had had a blowout.


The trouble with Teenagers!

I was thinking the other day, I hear a lot of people bemoan the behaviour of their teenagers and I have certainlly had many challenges with mine, what I realize is  it isn’t just the teenage years, it goes on beyond! My twenty two year old is extrememely good at not learning his lessons and […]


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