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Change our Minds and Change our Language

I was listening to a Radio 4 programme this morning about a great educational charity called Iris who teach children Latin! They do more than that they teach about the ancient worlds and culture and it sounded brilliant. They teach in schools all over England and get great results and enthusiasm from the children involved. […]


You are doing your best :o)

My ebook How to Handle Not Strangle Your Teenager gives you Ten Need to knows along with lots of other stuff I think essential to experience Happy Parenting :o) Each topic is as important as the next and they are certainly not in order of importance! So, I have decided today to write more about […]


Adventures in Motherhood

‘Adventures in Motherhood’, could as easily be ‘Adventures in outer space’,  it often feels like that!  Floating around in the unknown, not sure what to do, what to expect! Custodian of another person’s life that lands with no manual! Yikes. My ‘Motherhood’ has most certainly been an adventure. Not one I expected, would have chosen […]


Back Pack Free Friday

Back Pack Free Friday – a day where we can be aware of and do something about the burden our children are carrying, not only in the form of heavy pack backs that can cause health problems see article here.  Also bringing attention to the lack of appreciation for the foundational health of children and […]


Parenting Magic


A Dozen Do’s to help you cope with parenting (OK a baker’s dozen :o)

Relax, calm down, be grounded and connect with yourself. Remember you are a human ‘being’ not a human ‘doing’ :o) Remember to breathe. Deep relaxing breaths. Breathe in deeply and allow relaxation to flow through the body as you breathe out. Be in expanded awareness (peripheral vision) Find a spot on the wall just above […]


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